The FlexLock Wall System

Build Quality Masonry Structures

Faster and for Less

Build Quality Masonry Structures

Faster and for Less

Concrete Block Producer

Architects and Engineers

Provide Unparalled

Value Engineering

In a down market, engineering and architectural firms need a competitive edge to grow their buisness.

By providing a higher function to cost ratio, specifiers differentiate themselves in a compelling way from their competitors.

The FlexLock Wall System's multi-patented post-tensioning technology means reduced costs and rapid on-site construction without compromising structural integrity.

Masonry Contractors

Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

Masonry contractors are faced with new challenges. Lower demand, higher costs, and a shrinking skilled labor force make it difficult to generate positive cash flow.

To stay on top, they have to provide exceptional workmanship while staying in budget and on schedule.

The FlexLock Wall System enables contractors to reduce their costs by reconfiguring and redeploying their existing workforce. Rapid on-site construction and a longer build season also contributes to higher revenues and lower expenditures .

Increase Margins and

Market Share

Finding creative solutions that meet new market demands require a willingness to think outside the box.

Evolving economic conditions, increased competition, and soring costs mean that building technology has to become better, faster, and less expensive.

The FlexLock Wall System satisfies market demand like no other masonry product. It also means replacing a commodity product (standard CMUs) with a premimum product thereby increasing your margins.

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