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Specifing with FlexLock

The Design Guide to the

FlexLock Wall System

The FlexLock Wall System was engineered from the ground up to respond to new market demands in light of the requirements to control costs and stay on schedule.

In close collaboration FlexLock's inventor, Dominic Cerrato, David T. Biggs, P.E., S.E., led the development and testing.

Structural tests were conducted at the National Concrete Masonry Association lab in Herndon, Virginia.

Constructability testing took place at the International Masonry Institute in Annapolis, Maryland.

Manufacturing development was conducted at the World Center for Concrete Technology in Alpena, Michigan.

The FlexLock Design Guide was written by David Biggs and reviewed by Arturo Shultz, Ph.D., Professor of the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota.

Engineering Consultant

A structural engineer and President of Biggs Consulting Engineering, Troy, NY, David specializes in forensic engineering, historic restoration, and the development of new masonry products and standards.

He was one of FEMA-ASCE investigators for the World Trade Center disaster of 2001. He is a Distinguished Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and an Honorary Member of The Masonry Society.

David T. Biggs P.E., S.E.

author of the

FlexLock Design Guide

The Design Guide is proprietary to Cercorp and available only through authorized FlexLock Licensees

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