A Comparative Cost Analysis Between

FlexLock and Standard CMU Masonry


Based on a comparative costs analysis, the total masonry costs for FlexLock declined by 24% and productivity increased by two-fold. Because this was the first FlexLock structure, profit and productivity is expected to increase over time.

Analysis Summary

I. Introduction

A. Wall Economics:
According to the Brick Institute of America in their publication "Brick the Competitive Edge," when considering the economics of masonry walls, it is no longer adequate for specifiers and contractors to regard the "old standard" per thousand price. Instead, it is far more appropriate to think in terms of cost per square foot installed. Once issues of engineering and aesthetics are settled, this approach allows designers to accurately conduct an "apple to apple" cost comparison of the various commercial systems. 


B. The Structure: 

The focus of this cost analysis a 2,952 square foot residence designed from the ground up as a FlexLock home by the architectural firm CAD-FM Design with the support of the structural engineering   firm   of   Ryan-Biggs   Associates.

Because it contains all of the design elements found in commercial and industrial structures (jambs, sills, lintels, and bond beams) it represents the ideal platform upon which to based an initial cost analysis. Located in Magnolia, Texas, the structure was built as a joint effort between Cercorp Initiatives Inc., Southwest Concrete Products, Williams Form Engineering and D&H Masonry. Both FlexLock and conventional masonry utilize common methods of pouring a footer, inserting reinforced steel dowels (in the case of FlexLock threaded anchors), and grouting the bond beam. The main differences were a reduction in the need of mortar, labor time, and skill level. Both FlexLock and standard CMU construction require the same labor and materials for the footer and bond beam. The two systems diverge based on the specific items noted below.

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The FlexLock Wall System

The FlexLock Wall System

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