FlexLock Molds

Available for All Makes and Models

of Concrete Products Machines

A Four Unit System

FlexLock molds, made by Bergen Molds for Cercorp and distributed by Pathfinder, are made to exceed the highest industry standards.

Bergen's extensive use of special steels/alloys, tight manufacturing tolerances, material heat treatment and other processes such as oil quenching, set their molds apart from others in the industry.


Developing Innovative Solutions in the Building Industry

Cercorp Initiatives Inc.

FlexLock Molds

The FlexLock Wall System

The FlexLock Wall System

Key Features

Each Unit Available in Individual Mold Boxes

or One Mold Box with Parts for All Four Units

  • Mold Box(s)

  • Compression Head with Shoe Lines

  • Replaceable Liner Style Bottom

  • Mold Feed Draw Front Plate

  • Assembly with Cleaning

  • Rubber/BrushAgitator with FingersHeight Pins

Travis Hildore

Sales and Marketing VP

For more information on sales and service of FlexLock molds, contact Travis Hildore of Pathfinder.

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