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Comprehensive Support

The FlexLock Wall System

The FlexLock Wall System

A Plan for Success

Reducing the Risk

The current state of the building industry along with the uncertainty it brings makes any investment a risk. At the same time, without risk it's impossible to grow your market. Cercorp understands this and is committed to work alongside our licensees to reduce the risk and increase the benefits.

Your success is our success. The more FlexLock product you sell, the more both our revenues increase. So it is Cercorp's interests to provide yours manufacturing and sales team the necessary support and services they need to grow your market.

Standard Support for All Licensees

Manufacturing Support:

Through our strategic partner, Pathfinder Systems, Cercorp provides a host of support services from sales to service, from parts to technical advice.

Marketing Support:

To maximize your FlexLock sales effort, Cercorp will train your sales staff and, working closely with them, develop a marketing plan specifically designed for your particular market. We will also spend a week in your area making sales calls with your team and putting on presentations to specifiers and contractors in support of the marketing plan.

Hardware Support:

Working with our hardware supplier, Williams Form Engineering, Cercorp will ensure you have the FlexLock hardware you need to support your customers. This includes custom hardware when needed.

Construction and Certification Support:

FlexLock engineers and masons are available for technical support and can provide on-site consultation and QA services. We also train your sales for to faciltate the FlexLock Mason Certification program.