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Increase Your Margins

and Grow Your Market

Increase Your Margins

and Grow Your Market

Respond to Market Demand

Provide your customers with

an innovative product that

will increase their revenues

and enable them to build in

a fraction of the time

Replace a commody product

with a premium product

Keeping More of the Build Money at the Plant

Over the last 100 years, conventional masonry has proven itself a reliable building system. Recently, a down economy, an ever-decreasing labor pool, and competition from alternate building systems have erroded the concrete block market.

Even before this errosion, margins on CMUs were very low making profitability only possible with volume sales.

The cost reduction realized in FlexLock construction comes from controlling labor costs and rapid on-site construction. This is only possible with precision units and specialized hardware all supplied by a block producer licensed to manufacture, distribute and sell FlexLock products.

This enables the producer to displace his low margin conventional CMUs with high margin FlexLock CMUs thereby keeping more of the build money at the plant. At the same time, through an exclusive licensing agreement, the producer can provide his customers competitive advanges that other producers in that same sales territory cannot.

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Columbia Machine Provider of FlexLock Manufacturing Equipment